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Sole Veronique with Watercress

Sole Veronique with Watercress


Syllabication: Ve•ro•nique. Pronunciation: var -n k , v -ro-
Veronique refers to a dish served with a veloute sauce containing white seedless grapes: sole Veronique. French, probably after Veronique, an opera by Andre Messager (1853–1929).

None other than the famous chef Auguste Escoffier created this time-honored soul-mating of poached sole and green grapes in a classic veloute sauce.


Rolled fillets of North East Atlantic lemon sole

The lemon sole, Microstomus kitt, is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae. It is native to shallow seas around Northern Europe, where it lives on stony bottoms down to about 200 m. It grows up to 65 cm in length and about 3 kg in weight. Most often found in shallow waters, lemon sole has a narrow, pointed head and a uniform light-brown colouring on the eyed side, with a blind side of white or pale yellow. It is harvested year round with bottom trawl.

These fillets are from large, mature fish caught in the sustainable, well-managed fisheries of the Faroe Islands.


Veloute Sauce

A veloute sauce, along with Allemande, Bechamel, and Espagnole, is one of the original four mother sauces of French cuisine created by Antonin Careme in the 19th century. The term is from the French adjectival form of velour meaning velvet. Thus the ingredients of a veloute are equal parts by mass butter and flour to form the roux, a light chicken, veal, or fish stock, salt and pepper for seasoning. Other added ingredients include wine and cream.



Vermouth (also spelled vermuth) is a fortified wine flavored with aromatic herbs and spices ("aromatized" in the trade) using closely-guarded recipes (trade secrets). Some vermouth is sweetened; however, unsweetened, or dry, vermouth tends to be bitter. The person credited with the first vermouth recipe, Antonio Benedetto Carpano from Turin, Italy, chose to name his concoction "vermouth" in 1786 because he was inspired by a German wine flavored with wormwood, a herb most famously used in distilling absinthe. The modern German word Wermut (Wermuth in the spelling of Carpano's time) means both wormwood and vermouth. The herbs were originally used to mask raw flavors of cheaper wines, imparting a slightly medicinal "tonic" flavor.



Watercress hardy perennial European herb ( Nasturtium officinale ) of the family Cruciferae (mustard family), found in or around water. Often cultivated commercially for the small, pungent leaflets, it is used as a peppery salad green or garnish. Other plants of the genus are sometimes called watercress and are used similarly. Watercress was formerly used as a domestic remedy and against scurvy. The ornamental plant whose common name is nasturtium is unrelated. Watercress is classified in the division Magnoliophyta , class Magnoliopsida, order Capparales, family Cruciferae.


YAY...I'm going to Stitches East!

YAY...I'm going to Stitches East!

Now I just need to find a cheap place to stay!

Although Stitches MW was closer...I wanted to visit someplace I've never been.

There were flights with only 40 minute layovers...but that would be cutting is *WAY* too close for my taste. And besides...that gives me two hours each way to knit!

This might possibly be the most kick ass birthday present I've ever given to myself (it will be the weekend after my birthday). ever. go me!

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